In which I am annoyed by Ryanair

I have spent today with two constant companions: my debit card and a budget Irish airline.  I had virtually no choice, because charged £270, as opposed to Ryanair, where I got them for £57, if you don’t include the £50 they charged for you taking a bag.  Nevertheless, they outrage every moral fibre in my body.  I hear that the tres moderne thing to do with anger is thrash it at the internet, so let’s see what I can do:

Their site keeps deciding I’m a robot because I cannot read their stupid scrambled image words.

They allow you to book under the title Master, but not Miss – is an infant boy more likely to be booking a flight than an unmarried woman?

They have tried to sell me: insurance, a bag (in case Ryanair charge me extra for hand luggage), a car, a hotel and a text telling me when my plane is due.

£50 for a 15kg bag?!  I really hope the camera fits in there…  This will require some strategic packing.


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